MIR Engineering and Technology Management Company was founded in 2004 as a fully owned subsidiary of Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers in response to a void in the Iranian energy market to target needs and opportunities that Monenco Iran could not pursue on its own. Accordingly, it is vital for MIR Co. to provide Monenco’s clients with the best quality of services and keep them satisfied. Overtime though, the company has evolved in a full-service solution provider rendering services to many other companies other than Monenco’s clients due to expansions of its activities and capabilities.

Experienced qualified personnel and using modern systems led Mir Co. to provide high quality services in the field of energy. Moreover, by having well known shareholders (such as Monenco), MIR was able to hold professional training courses and seminars which caused the company to grow widely in the field of energy.

 Monenco was successful to expand its services in international market especially in Middle East, south East Asia, Africa as well as CIS countries due to its capabilities and Know How Transfer through its representatives offices in Oman (Monenco Oman) and Nigeria (Monenco Nigeria).

 MIR Engineering Management and Technology Company renders services in the following fields:      

  •  Information and Communication Technology
  • General and Professional Training Services
  • Energy Consumption Management in the Building  
  • Management Consultancy